Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello Again Friends,

I thought I should title my post "wednesday" because I'm slowly losing track of days... and John and my mom both had to tell me what day it was! Maybe now I will remember (:

Today was a great day for the most part, by early afternoon they found a medicine that has helped Evie with her withdrawl symptoms. She rested peacefully most of the afternoon, even taking Pedialyte from a bottle twice.

She had another de-sat episode this evening, where her pulse and O2 dropped significantly, and there's really no way to prevent or anticipate it. Hopefully she will not do that again as I got the feeling they are going to try to send us home Friday. I asked if we can take an ambu-bag home (helps with CPR) so that will be nice to have around just in case.

Physically she is looking like she has lost quite a bit of weight, but I guess RSV can do that. Hopefully it won't take long to plump her back up. Physically I look like I got punched in both eyes... but that's what happens when you have two kids under the age of three, and one of them needs a little extra attention. (:

I have our IFSP, MDT meeting with the OPS people tomorrow, should be good to get that paperwork out of the way and get going on her therapy. Thankfully they are coming to the hospital to do the appointment since we aren't home.

I will keep updating, hopefully Evie will be well soon! Keep praying! Don't worry about Lyla... I told her today that I know it's hard when Evie is in the hospital and that hopefully we could go home soon and she said "no mommy! i like the hotel!" it was cute (:

Love you friends.

"For I know the plans I have for Evie," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11
-i changed a few words (:

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  1. Continued prayers for all of you... We are in the hospital with Nicolas right now, i lost track of what day it was weeks ago! The nurses started writing it on his whiteboard so that helps! I can't believe poor Evie wasnt able to get the RSV vaccination, you handle it with such grace, I am fuming over it from way over here in Phoenix! The cost of it is so insane that if insurance doesnt cover it you're just out of luck! Evie is so strong, her and Nicolas will have to meet someday and chit chat about all of the odds they have beaten ;-)