Friday, February 12, 2010

a breath of fresh air...

Hello faithful friends!

Thanks for checking in. Evie has had an okay day... her x-ray is slightly better, but she definitely will not be weaning off of the vent until Monday at the earliest, possibly not until Wednesday. A few days ago, even yesterday, when Evie would wake up and open her eyes she would cough and gag on her vent and they would have to sedate her more... but this afternoon she opened her eyes and we talked to her for a while and she just stayed awake and calm enough that we could enjoy her for a while. It was just what my heart needed... and makes me ache that much more for her to be healthy again. I can't explain how much I miss holding her in my arms but with a vent on one side of the bed and IVs on the other that just isn't possible.

This afternoon my parents took Lyla (thanks guys!) and I got a nap and a short workout. I was feeling almost clostrophobic this morning... and remembered that I haven't been outside since Tuesday morning. So after my workout I sat outside on a bench for about 5 minutes and took deep breaths of fresh air. I could actually FEEL the weight of the world lifted off of my chest for a few minutes as I watched cars go by. I needed a little perspective that we WILL get to take our sweet girl home soon, and Monday is only 3 days away even though it seems like an eternity in her little hospital room. And it was a good reminder that I need to be taking these deep breaths... alone... outside... thanking God for fresh air... a little more frequently (:

I got an email from a wonderful lady a few days ago with this verse:
... in this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.
- john 16:33b

Thank you Lord for overcoming the world for me, and taking care of my Evie Jayne.

Love you friends! Keep those emails with good verses coming. I'll update soon (:

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