Thursday, February 11, 2010

still here... thursday...

hi friends (:

we are still here in the PICU... evie's x-ray of her lungs this morning looks "unchanged" but she physically looks a lot better. today is a day of rest for her, she is still sedated while on the ventilator, so hopefully by tomorrow there will be some improvement and we can wean her a little bit.

thank you so much for praying, today is a much better day. AND last night we got a room at the hotel connected to the hospital so I got to sleep in a BED with lyla in the same place!.... and i was so excited i couldn't sleep - ha ha! i was going to blog to you then, but my internet doesn't work up there, which is probably a good thing because i'll sleep more (:

keep praying, Evie is touching lives one nurse, one doctor, one respiratory therapist at a time.

love you (:


  1. Still praying for all of you!
    Don't forget that Evie is touching all of your blog readers too! We love you Evie Jayne!

  2. Oh my goodness! So sorry I have missed so much, but I am all caught up now! The photos are gorgeous! I love the one of Lyla peeking over the stroller as you and Evie chat with the doctor. So sorry to hear about the difficulty you are having with the insurance company! Do you have case manager through them? sometimes it can be helpful to have just one person to talk to consistently and have them help you navigate the system. Medicaid will be such a blessing for you all! Sonya has Medicaid and it has been so wonderful in helping with all that our insurance does not cover. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the RSV too! We are praying for Evie that she stays strong and gets through this quickly and smoothly! Sending you many hugs and thinking of you all always!