Sunday, February 7, 2010

photos from Wednesday...

I mentioned in our last post that a photojournalist came with us to our appointments last Wednesday, these are a few of the photos he took.
Thank you Brian!
Lyla cruising on the stroller.... on our way from x-ray to pulmonology
getting my notes in order before our pulmonology appointment...

getting checked out

on our way upstairs...

in the LIED treatment center for Evie's injection

ending our day at Children's for a sleep study...

Lyla checking Evie...

on our way to "blue food"...
Lyla's favorite Children's Hospital specialty... cake on her own tray (:

photos by Brian Lehmann of Brian Lehmann Photography


  1. This was such a wonderful peek into your world and your family are just so beautiful. Still praying...Casey

  2. What a fantastic photo journal. It kinda shows us in 3d what it is you do when you are at the hospital. least bits n' pieces.

  3. Love the pics Lindsey! Love how Lyla is such a great big sis! Your family is beautiful!

  4. loved getting to see these linds! I get tears every post! love you!

  5. My fave. is the "believe" photo! I'm believe that God has a special plan and healing for Evie!
    XO friend!

  6. I love the photos. We will keep praying. You are such a great mom. Love, Kelly