Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hanging in there...

Hi Friends (:

Thanks for checking in, we had a pretty uneventful day. Evie's lungs are still pretty plugged up and inflamed, so we are just waiting for this RSV to run its course. Then we can take her off the ventilator and give her a few days to recover before we leave the hospital. Evie's pulmonologist came up today to check on her and said this isn't unexpected with RSV, and even healthy kids can be hospitalized and ventilated... so for someone with little reserve like Evie it's a nasty virus and we just have to wait it out.

She has had a few episodes of choking and coughing on her vent tube, which is not easy to watch, but it is part of getting this gunk out of her lungs. The good news is, the doc said Eve might be able to wean off the vent in a few days, which is better than the week that the nurse practitioner was thinking.

We could use prayers that Evie would stay stable, and her body would handle all of this medical care. Her little eyelids are so swollen from all of the fluids.
When I put my face on hers, she squeezes my fingers (: I love this little girl.

Bye for now! Love you and thanks for praying!


  1. Thank you for updating! Continued prayers are being sent :) Such a sweet and strong little girl you have!
    Sarah Goldsberry

  2. Oh, I can just picture her squeezing your fingers....only a mother can know what that feels like. How precious! Continued prayers, Claudia Gille

  3. I pray for you and your family often! I'm sending up prayers for little Evie that she will be off the vent soon, and will recover quickly.

  4. We've been out of town and not keeping up with your blog. Just found out about the RSV at MOPS yesterday and we ALL lifted her up Lindsey. She IS a living miracle of a living God who does hear our prayers. I will continue praying daily for you and your precious daughter.