Monday, May 10, 2010

1/4 Liter!

Hi Friends!

We have had Evie on only 1/4 liter of Oxygen for nearly 2 days! She is staying above 93% which is what the docs ask of her. We are so excited about her progress, thank you prayer warriors!

I am having a bit of anxiety. I decided to get out of bed for a little while... I was waking up with shooting pains in my chest. It's a little odd considering we have no appointments except PT/OT this week... after that it's Week 24 which is wonderful, but means back to a full schedule of appointments. I guess I was spoiled by our week off last week! The following week is Eve's appointment at the cranio-facial clinic, followed by surgery sometime around 2 weeks later. In the meantime John switches from working 5 - 8 hour shifts at work, to 3 - 12 hour shifts, which is good, just another little thing to adjust to.

Will you pray for me that I can enjoy this next week and not worry about the weeks following? I'm not sure why I'm suddenly feeling so burdened. When I realized we had no appointments last week, I checked our calendar and this was the first week off since Evie was 2 weeks old that we haven't had a doctor's appointments (: Hopefully this is the start of a good trend!!!

Love you friends (: I am so thankful for the power of prayer in my life, and for all of you.


  1. Good Morning Sweetheart, I also have a heavey heart for little Evie, I think the more she interacts with us and she becomes a little person, the harder it is for me when she struggles. Change is hard for all of us, hopefully John will be able to work out some consistant hours that work out best for your all of you. The job will be able to meet your financial needs and continue to be something he loves to do. You are in my prayers constantly. You are doing an amazing job, I couldn't be prouder of you and how you take care of your family. You are a blessing to all of us! Love Mom

  2. I know how you feel! We are actually going through the first break (the good kind) since geez, it's been 11 months! This is the first week in 11 months that we haven't had any other appointments besides PT... Wow, I didn't realize how long it's been! It's real easy to get used to the normal daily grind, I forget what to do with myself when we get a break like this (other than soak up all the family time I can get). We'll no doubt be back in the thick of it soon with more pending surgeries... but wow, I love these mini good breaks! I too have some crazy anxiety coming on with my husbands union possibly going on strike, which would mean I would have to go back to work to support our family after being home for almost 3 years. Whatever may come we will deal with the crossing of that bridge at that time. For now, I take a big deep breath in and thank God for all we have and for giving us the strength and love to carry on. God is so good! Keeping you in our prayers always! Big Hugs!!!

  3. Praying for you my dear friend! I am so thankful that I have been able to pray for you and your sweet ones! I will continue to!