Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hi Friends!

We have had an awesome week... NO doctor's appointments, no colds, nice weather, and lots of family time.

A few accomplishments to note:
1. I realized that tomorrow is Evie's last injection of week 22. WEEK 22! that means we only have two more weeks to go of Evie's 6 month drug trial, and then we are officially on the two year extension study. I thought these 6 months were going to take forever, I can't believe they are almost over.

2. Evie is finally REACHING for things! We have been trying to get her to grab toys for a few weeks, and she finally got it. So exciting to see her fine motor skills develop! (Thanks Chris and Susan, her OT and PT!) I am glad I have been growing out my hair, it's one of her favorite things to reach for (:

3. We have been turning Evie's oxygen down below 1/2Liter at night, and she stays in the upper 90s on her O2 Sat monitor. Ohhhhhhhhh my heart aches for the day when she will be off of oxygen and I can stare at her unobstructed little face in all it's beauty. Just to know that she is moving in the right direction makes me cry. I'll just say it, I miss her face. I miss it, I miss it, I miss it like crazy. When I change her stickers that hold her tube on, sometimes I hold it off for a few seconds, and my heart aches to take it off for good. She looks different, and I miss it. We are going to get there.

4. Lastly, and most importantly, Evie is saying mamama and dadada. I won't go into detail as to which she said first (: but it is awesome. She is doing a ton of vocalizing, and it is so wonderful to hear her voice! A sound we didn't know we would get to hear (:

THANK YOU for praying for us, we have been so blessed with good health this past week, no one has even a hint of a sniffle. Keep praying that we can stay healthy through Evie's surgery.

Love you friends! You're the best!


  1. That is awesome, Lindsey! Praise God!

  2. enjoy these little milestones!!! They were well waited for!

  3. How fun Lindsey to reach all these accomplishments and have a dr. free week!! Enjoy your sweet girls this special weekend :)
    Sarah Goldsberry

  4. Lindsey, my heart is so happy! These are huge accomplishments! I can especially relate to the developmental ones...although I have to admit that Evie is ahead of Judah vocally. Of course, she is a girl, so maybe that's to be expected;) So thankful for a dr.-free week for you, and all the family time. And I'll pray about Evie's O2 tube while you pray about Judah's feeding tube. Those sweet faces will be nothing but sooner than later! Love ya!

  5. Lindsey, I read your post and cried happy tears! I am praising God that you are making milestones each day!! Our God is SO SO SO GOOD!!!!

  6. What a fantastic week with such absolutely wonderful acheivements! Go Evie!!! Happy tears here too! It brings back lot's of memories with Sonya when she first said mama and dada (sounds we never thought we would here either!) I'm so happy for you all!!! God is good!

  7. So exciting! I can't wait to hear her sweet voice! Yay! Thanks for sharing :)