Sunday, May 30, 2010

the crazy life...

of the Elsaessers! We have had a couple crazy weeks, but got some good pics (:

Sunday: Grandma Dellie, Papa Bob, Lyla, Papa, and Nana at Lyla and Papa's birthday party
Wednesday: birthday pancakes on Lyla's birthday morning!

Wednesday afternoon: Lyla and daddy went to the zoo for her birthday

Evie and mom went to the ER because Evie was having seizures...

she was probably having seizures because she had a virus/fever the few days before. They did a spinal tap and some blood cultures to check for infection, but nothing grew so we got to go home on Friday.

Saturday: We had Lyla's birthday party on Saturday morning... Shrek and ice cream (:
finish it off with a little swimming (:

AND my older sister had a BEAUTIFUL baby boy the following Wednesday, Henry Robert. He is darling, and my sister and her husband are doing great. Thanks for praying!
Love you friends (: I am hoping we won't have any appointments this week, at least we don't have any scheduled! Evie has physical and occupational therapy on Wednesday, but that doesn't count because we don't have to leave the house, and it is so fun!

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