Friday, May 21, 2010

home again!

Hi Friends!

Thanks for praying, we are getting out of here tonight between 6 and 7pm! We have to wait for the culture from her spinal fluid to have grown for 48 hours... then we are home free (:

Evie's white count was really low yesterday, meaning she is very prone to bacterial infection, so we will be keeping her out of public places for a while... sorry church friends, she probably won't be seeing you until after surgery! It was probably just suppressed from the virus she had at the beginning of the week, but it went up a little today, and we're hoping it just continues to climb.

She had an EEG this afternoon, and there were no seizures... and the doc even said her brain activity looked "normal for a kid her age".. we've NEVER heard that before about anything! I kinda liked it!

Thanks for praying, keep it up! We are still set to go to the cranio-facial clinic next Tuesday and set up surgery from there, I'm not sure if it will actually get set up early or not.

Love you friends!
Lindsey, John, Lyla, and Evie (:

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