Saturday, May 29, 2010

Insurance Prayer

Hi Friends (:

Thanks for all of your encouragement about insurance. The plastic surgeon who will be involved in Evie's surgery has sent a letter to our actual insurance company, and I had to write a letter to send to the Nebraska Medical Center HR department, to try to get the surgery covered at Children's hospital. Children's is considered "out of network" (which is pretty ridiculous) so we have to get it pre-approved. A really nice woman from the Med Center HR called me today to tell me that she received my letter, which is a really nice courtesy. I have her number so we can stay in contact about the process. Once both parties approve it, we should be able to schedule. In the meantime I'm going to pray that the process goes quickly and smoothly, and that Evie's brain doesn't get any more pressure than it already has.

THANK YOU for praying, I was a little afraid to post about insurance, I appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us out!

AND I have a whole bunch of pictures to post when I get a second, get excited!

Love you friends, you are the greatest!


  1. Lindsey I feel your heart ache! We too are dealing with insurance company issues! Darn Coventry...How did you speak with in the HR dept? I am currently waiting back on a letter that I had written about getting a surgery covered for Vinny at Children's as well.

  2. Don't feel bad posting about insurance, it's part of your journey. If you need to vent about it, go ahead! I think everyone understands about ins headaches, and the more people that pray for wisdom and speed with ins, the better :)

  3. We understand your feeling. Don't feel bad for. It was part of your life that has padded away.