Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Stamp us: We're approved for surgery!!!!!!!!!

I called this morning to ask how long the physician review was going to take and they told me that we are already approved for surgery... AND to go out of network... so we can go ahead and schedule, horray!!!!!!!!!!

When I got off the phone I felt like I could hear God right in front of me saying "I will take care of you... I'll let you throw your temper tantrum... and I'll still take care of it." Calm down lady!

So after a lot of worry and wasted energy, hopefully I'm smart enough to pray more and worry less. Remind me of that when surgery gets closer will ya!?

Love you friends, thank you for loving us!


  1. Told ya! I knew it and had a good feeling! I am so so happy for you guys....when will surgery be scheduled? God does amazing work!

    So did they review Evie's request early? Laurna told me they were meeting on Tuesday? Maybe they got together early because the physicians office had called them!

    Hugs to you....sleep well tonight!


  2. Rejoicing with you!
    Sarah Goldsberry

  3. God is SO good!! We have been praying for Evie in a big way and anxiously awaiting GREAT news!!

  4. I am so excited and happy to hear that surgery has been approved! That's wonderful news!

  5. So wonderful! I pray for Evie and your family often :)

  6. Hell o to you all. I'm a Kiwi RN & just found your site thru sweet Aria's page today.
    Spent the las 3 hrs going right back & reading to the beginning...albeit backwards!!!!

    Now feel like square eyes & very tired. But I'm in awe at you AMAZING journey. Little Evie is such a wee cutie along with her big sister.
    I promise I will continue to follow your site which is safely tucked into my faves.

    Blessings to you all

  7. This is such wonderful news! Praises and prayers will continue to go up for you guys! CONGRATS on your approval!!