Sunday, June 20, 2010

take it off the calendar...

Hi Friends,

I got a call on Friday, that July 16th isn't going to work for Dr. Puccioni, Evie's neurosurgeon, to do her surgery. They would like to move it to August 6th. I called his PA because I am concerned about the pressure in Evie's head building, so we are going to have a follow up CT scan done tomorrow to make sure she's okay. She hasn't done one since April 27th, so it seems only appropriate that we check to see how things are progressing. She also said that Dr. Puccioni will be back in the office on Tuesday, and they will try to get Evie scheduled sooner.

I am pretty anxious about the whole thing... August 6th seems so far away, and Evie's soft spot sure looks large and pointed. When we met with Dr. Puccioni the first time we left with the impression that Evie's surgery would be scheduled for 2 to 4 weeks after the craniofacial clinic... which was nearly 4 weeks ago.

Will you pray with me that 1. Evie's brain pressure hasn't increased over the past few months or done any damage, 2. That we can get her surgery scheduled and confirmed, and 3. That John can get his schedule rearranged around the new date? (he already cleared july 16-21!)

Thanks friends (: Love you.


  1. Dear Father God!
    What a perfect way to celebrate Father's Day by coming to you. Lord I ask that you would please be with Lindsey, John, Evie and Lyla as they go about living what you have for them. I ask God as they go to the dr. tomorrow for another scan, that you would just be present. Give a peace that passes all understanding. Allow the drs. the wisdom to read the scan correctly and to schedule Evie's surgery appropriately. I ask Father that the pressure on Evie's brain would not be causing any damage. I ask Father that you would just work every little detail out for my dear friends. Lord we know your will is perfect. Please give John and Lindsey strength, peace and understanding as they wait on you. Thank you for hearing the desires of my heart Lord!

  2. I second that prayer and are sending up more! Love you guys...keep us posted! xo

  3. I am always thinking about you guys. It was so nice to fall into seats right behind you and John at church on Sunday. She's so sweet you guys. My thoughts are always with you guys and when I read my Bible I think of you often too.

  4. Oh darn! This is only a momentary bump in the little road you guys are on. God is at work and his plans are PERFECT! He already has the surgery on the books! Fall into his arms and completely trust in his good works! You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I will definately be praying for a new surgery date and for John to be able to easily get his schedule worked out. Oh, your little package is on its way! Much love and many prayers to you all. :) ~Amanda G.