Wednesday, June 16, 2010

put it on the calendar...

Hi Friends!

Evie's surgery is on the schedule for July 16th, at 8am. Got the call yesterday that it is confirmed. They said we will be there 3-5 days, so I am going to plan on 4-6 (:

Thanks for praying, busy day, will update more later!


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  1. Good grief, I fell behind here again! I am soooo over the moon happy for you that insurance approved Evie's surgery and out of network too!!! Jumping excitedly over here!!! I couldn't agree with you more over the whole "medical review board", so ridiculous. How does someone who hasn't been following the history of a patient get to make the decisions? We are totally going through this right now with Sonya's ultra light weight wheelchair and our insurance. July 16th we will be praying for you all day! Congrats to your lil sister and older sister! What a happy month! I love, love, love your "nothing" response! I've used it many times over and it feels so good to let that one word be the answer, the same answer God would use! All of your pictures are gorgeous as always! Sending you big hugs and much love!