Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hi Friends (:

Sorry I haven't been posting much this week... Poor Evie is still dealing with some diarrhea, but mostly vomiting. We had her on Pedialyte for a while, but in an effort to get her blood sugar up we switched her to Gatorade, and have been trying for several days to get her back on formula, but she just can't keep it down.

If you could pray for her, she needs it. She has already lost more than half a pound, and barely ate today.

Thanks friends, Love you and hope to be back with better news soon (:


  1. Lindsey; praying that Evie's belly will settle down. Thanks for being faithful to keep us updated!

  2. Hi there; I just found your blog kind of randomly, but I've had fun reading a bit about your sweet family! Our little girl was also diagnosed with a possibly lethal form of skeletal dysplasia, but she's 19 months old and doing fine! Thanks for sharing your story. :)

  3. We just got back from being out of town. You posted on August 4th. What's the word? How's Evie doing today? I like that song "More Like Falling In Love." Thanks for sharing the music too!! :]