Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a week!

so I was feeding Evie at the zoo this past week, and we had a surprise visitor:
and we finally saw him!

finish off the day with a swim (:

and this is how Lyla treats Mr. Brian (:
photos by Brian Lehmann
... and when I went to bed that night I said to John "no one goes to the zoo and the pool in the same day." explaining my exhaustion... he did not feel very sorry for me (: ha ha
STILL working on the before and after post! Evie has had D&V for the past 4 days (docs think because of her antibiotics from surgery), so we have been spending what feels like every minute of the day trying to keep her food down. It is getting better, but prayers are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated! LOVE YOU FRIENDS!

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  1. Lyla is going to be so tall!! What a couple of sweethearts you have there. Oh and that is one of my favorite places to stay at the zoo. One time I started digging through my purse and the gorilla wanted me to take everything out of my purse so he could see what was in there!! Ha Ha!! Those creatures are so smart but not as smart as we are!! :]