Sunday, August 15, 2010

trying to stay low key...

Hi Friends!

"Trying to stay low key" is my way of saying... Help! Summer can't be almost over!!!!!!!

We had a good week. We got the results back from Evie's skeletal x-rays that she had Monday. The great part of the report is that she has increased ossification (more hardening) of her bones! The not so great part is that she has "multiple healing fractures." I called with the "how bad? how many? where? why isn't this specified on the report????" list of questions, and found it easier to send John down to find out what that meant. I guess it's how they say that she has possible healing fractures... basically little lines in her bones that may or may not be fractures. Nothing "broken" just possibly "fractured." Not sure what to do with that info, except to remember to be careful, and keep Lyla from smothering her. Easier said than done!

This week we are doing research labs... basically taking a lot of blood and urine. We will have to head to the Med Center Mon, Tues, and Wed... but we don't have much else going on so it's okay... and Lyla thinks having lunch with John is just about the coolest thing ever. Who doesn't like chips and pink milk! When she sees him coming down the hall she does the dramatic "daddyyyyy!!!" scream and runs to him. I'm the only one who knows they saw each other the night before (:

Lyla starts gymnastics this week, and has her preschool open house the following week. I am so excited for her to start some organized activities and have instruction from people besides me, but I'm also kind of nervous! Is this the end of freedom as we know it!? I feel like I've been saying "we're not going to have a schedule until Lyla goes to preschool and we HAVE TO" and now it's here. I'm sure we'll get in the swing of things quickly, it's just an adjustment.

I have some great pics on my camera, but John is working on the big computer so I will post them soon. If you could say a prayer for Evie's blood draws I would appreciate it. Hopefully just one poke, and good results each day.

LOVE YOU friends. Thanks for the consistent encouragement, you are wonderful (:


  1. So nice to know she's doing so well! Where is Lyla going to do gymnastics? I used to coach & was wondering if you would be going to my old gym!

  2. Just catching up! I am praying for Evie's blood draws, Lyla's big 2 weeks and for your heart and John's! Love you friends!