Saturday, July 17, 2010

post-op day 1...

I considered naming this post "don't rock the boat" because that's how I feel today. Evie is swelling swelling swelling, but her pain has been kept very much under control. I am doing good also, this is the first hospitalization where I felt somewhat prepared. My sister offered to watch Evie so I could go to church in the morning, and my first thought was "you're doing good Lindsey. don't rock the boat." It may sound kinda weird, but for those of you who have been hospitalized, when you leave you're are looking at everyone moving around you like 'hello! did you know my baby had her skull cut into 20 pieces?? slow down! appreciate your day!' So instead of risking getting emotional, I'm going to stay here with my girl.

In post-surgery news, the surgeons are very pleased with Eves surgery, the swelling is normal (not normal looking... but supposedly normal), and she will probably get her drain out, and turban cut off tomorrow morning. She ate well all day, but stopped eating around 2:30pm and vomited around 7:30 so they are going to put her on IV fluids. I am afraid that the fluid will cause her to swell more, but she can't not get fluids, so that is our best option right now.

AND.. pictures.

The first set are Brian's, that he took before, during, and after surgery yesterday.

playing in the yard the night before surgery...

"circle prayer" before bed

saying goodbye...

the worst part of the day...


out and beautiful as ever!!!

it felt SO. GOOD. to be with her again.

these are pictures from my phone... so you can see the progression of Evie's swelling.

in the pre-op area (: my smiley girl as always!

right out of surgery, around 1pm Friday

she couldn't wait to eat!

Saturday morning, a little puffy....

... and Saturday night (tonight).

the swelling is actually supposed to peak tomorrow, but I'm praying that it's done... I really don't know where more fluid would go. She is starting to get a little splitting of the skin under her eye, if it separates any more they will call the plastic surgeon to check it out.

Thanks for praying, and for your encouragement. I can't believe how many emails, comments, and facebook posts we have gotten all week, especially the past two days. It has made this surgery bearable, and good. I can feel God's blanket of prayer and protection around us all, especially Evie.
Keep it up!!!!! LOVE YOU friends (:


  1. Lindsey I am so glad the surgery is over! Now the road to recovery! You all are so strong and WILL make it through this for your little Evie! Prayers to you and your family! Hugs and Love!

  2. John, Lindsey, Lyla and Evie!
    You are the best family I know! I love seeing Evie's smile on the swings and in her cute hospital pj's!
    Continuing to pray that the swelling as peaked and that she'll be able to open her sweet eyes again soon! Praying also that she'll want to take a bottle and keep it all in her belly.
    We love you! Make sure you text or call if you need ANYTHING!

  3. God bless her sweet little heart! Praying the swelling HAS peaked and will begin to go down tonight. Also continuing to pray you will forever feel God's presence at Evie's bedside!

  4. Trust God with all your might. He is with you all.

  5. Precious baby girl! I am praying for her and I have been following your blog for some time. Evie has been blessed with a wonderful mother and family.