Friday, July 23, 2010

it hit me...

You would think that the minute I said goodbye to Evie last Friday it would have hit me... she was having brain surgery. Her head was going to change shape. It was going to swell. She was going to be in pain. She will have a big scar across her head. Her eyes will be bruised for a while. She isn't going to feel too great. She's going to need extra loving. This isn't going to be easy.

I had a few little crying moments at the hospital... but today was the first time I really cried. We have been out and about since Wednesday, seeing neighbors, going to the store, going to the pediatrician... and how many times can you say "oh, she had brain surgery" without falling apart? About two days worth of times. I'm not sure why I thought things were going to get back to normal so quickly. It's just going to take some time.

It's hard to get looks of sadness when people look at Eve, only because they don't know where we may have been... or could be without treatment. It's hard for strangers to understand how WELL Evie is doing when all they can see is a giant scar and a little girl with two black eyes. If only I could sum up her extraordinary life in a few seconds.

it WILL get better. So thanks for praying, listening, encouraging, crying with me.
Love you friends.


  1. Strangers are strangers, they don't know. I think she looks awesome! :) You can cry as often as you want to, anyone in your shoes would. :)

  2. Lindsey! You and the girls are beaming! The Lord is good! Praying for you all!

  3. In awe by your strength. Praying for your family <3

  4. It WILL get better and easier, but in the meantime, Evie looks WONDERFUL! Still keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. No amount of black eyes, bruises or scars can mask that gorgeous sparkle in her eyes and that smile.....she truly is God's angel here on earth....and you Lindsey are God's great shepherd. As lucky and blessed are you to have these two beautiful girls....they are even luckier to have you as their mom. May God continue to watch over you on this journey and give you his blessings every minute of every day.

  6. I wish that I could have the privilege of running into you at the store or neighborhood.:) I would marvel at your precious, little angel, who it perfectly made in the image of her Creator! I would probably be shedding tears of joy, seeing your beautiful daughters who have taught so many that our faithful Father IS able to indeed do exceedingly, abundantly above what we could ever ask or imagine. He has you and your precious family in the palm of His hand Lindsey! J

  7. Lindsey-
    Her eyes are just shinning in every picture even when she was really swollen.

    I also have to say...WOW did Lyla have a growth spurt. OMG She really is a big girl now!