Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thumbs Up!

Hi Friends (:

Thank you for praying for Evie's health this week... Tuesday she was NOT doing good.... we took her to see her pulmonologist, who tested her for everything from RSV to Whooping Cough. So far all of the cultures have come back negative, but her cough was giving us quite a scare. Fastforward to Thursday and she was my little glowing girl again. Two days of prayers can make quite a difference!

She still has a cough, but it's fewer and farther between. We have been doing breathing treatments, using her cough assist device, and suctioning her out quite a bit, but at least she is her kicking, talking, smiley self again.

Evie has also been wearing these little neoprene gloves that her OT made for her, and she is finally using her thumb more! Thumbs up for that! She used to keep her thumb tucked in, and try to grab things with her 4 fingers, but finding her thumb has sure made a difference (:

Have a Happy 4th everyone! We are going to get out of the house this weekend, play at my grandparents today, and hopefully watch a parade tomorrow if it doesn't get rained out.

I have a longer post brewing in my head, but we'll get to that next week (: Love you friends!!!


  1. I'm so glad to hear Evie's doing better! Enjoy your holiday weekend, and thumbs up for thumbs out! :)

  2. Happy 4th! Hope you had a great weekend.