Tuesday, July 20, 2010

post-op day 3...

Hi friends (:
Quick update before bed:
- Evie opened one eye today! It was barely open but enough that she could see us, and reach for things. Such a nice change.
- Her hemoglobin (blood stuff) dropped to 4.5 today, which is odd 3 days out of surgery, so she had to have two transfusions to raise her number. They will check her again in the morning to see if she needs more blood.
- Swelling is much better. It doesn't look "good" but it's a lot better than yesterday! We only had to give her IV pain meds once this afternoon, so that is a big improvment.
- With her hemoglobin being odd and her not wanting to eat, it looks like we will be going home on or around Wednesday. Yesterday they thought we would be leaving today... but I'm glad we have a few extra days to get her eating and more comfortable... and a few more days for us to ask questions since the doctors are all at our fingertips here.
Thanks for praying! It was so so so wonderful to see my little girl again inside her big puffy head.
Love you friends (:
eve and i taking a rest

ly and i took a break and got our toetoes painted! thanks for the giftcard ODSPN moms! you rock!


  1. So happy that you and Lyla had a chance to get out and about!! Your toes are beautiful :)
    Evie looks great! I'm beyond thrilled that she has already opened one of her eyes and is reaching for things! Yay for progress!

  2. I love her round little head! :) Amazing changes already! Good for you taking a break from the hospital. I bet Lyla LOVED being pampered. Continued prayers for quick healing and your faith in His will. xoxo