Monday, July 12, 2010

Countdown: 4 days

Hi Friends (:

Well we are here... surgery week! I am feeling really good about things, and more importantly both girls are feeling great. No sniffles, nothing.
We have Evie's Pre-Op History and Physical tomorrow with our pediatrician, get some blood taken Thursday afternoon so they don't have to do it on Friday, and go in Friday morning at 6am... surgery at 8am.
I am planning on enjoying this week, it felt really good to get out the details of my fears and let them go. My dear friend Bethany reminded me to pray that God be with Evie when I can't be. With all of the prayers she has been receiving I'm sure Evie and God know each other pretty well (:

AND, Evie got her first tooth this weekend, with a second coming very close behind! I'm glad we were in my mom's backyard and not in public because I'm pretty sure I was about 50 times more excited than a normal mom would be (: These little milestones for Eve just seem so big. I would try to take a picture... but it pretty much looks like a little white line in a big pink pool of drool (:

So 4 days to go... keep praying for good health, and that John and I give up our worries.

Love you friends, You're the best!

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