Wednesday, July 21, 2010

deep breaths of fresh air...

Hi Friends (:

Well we are no longer in the hospital, so I feel like we can drop the "post-op" blog titles. It's hard when you are inpatient to even remember what day it is, but now that we are no longer on O2 sat monitoring, vitals every four hours, and laying in a bed waiting for swelling to go down, I feel like our post-op days are over (:

Today was awesome. I woke up with a screaming headache, but just knowing we were going home and that Evie is healing so wonderfully was fantastic. We were checked out around 10:30am, and even ran into some friends in the hospital lobby on the way out. It's a blessing having friends to journey through the hospital stays, surgeries, and lab draws with. Can't help but love these kiddos who survive the unimaginable with wide eyes and smiles.

SO THANK YOU for praying, checking in on us, and encouraging me as we went through this weekend. I actually remembered to charge my iPod before going to the gym today, and had to leave one of my earphones out so I didn't accidentally sing my worship music out loud. Breathing fresh air after being shut in for 6 days felt like heaven. I could have sat outside and taken deep breaths for hours. We have been anticipating this surgery for so long, and to have BOTH of my sweet girls home tonight is such a relief and blessing.

I am so proud of Evie, I can't wait to take her out and show her off. Her smile in the midst of healing brings tears to my eyes, and healing to us both.

Love you friends! Will update with new photos tomorrow (:


  1. I am glad you are at home. I love seeing Evie's smiles. Even more your smile.

  2. I'm so thankful you're home! I continue to be amazed at Evie's recovery! I felt so privileged to see you at Childrens the other day. Although, I have to admit, as wonderful as it was to see Evie - her beautiful blue eyes and sweet face - it was hard to see her so swollen. I'm praying that pain won't be a factor for her anymore. But you're right, to see her smile at us inspite of the recovery was amazing! Can't wait to see you and Evie again...big little noggin and all;)