Friday, July 16, 2010


Have you seen a more beautiful little girl???

Evie's surgery went great... not exactly as planned, but nothing bad. The docs went in with the intention of cutting her forehead bones into 3 pieces... and instead cut about 20! She had a little more pressure than that thought, and so they worked their way toward the back of her head and cut the bone into more and more pieces to give her more space. She had to get blood transfused during surgery and is continuing to get blood even now. She has a small fever, and her heart rate is a little fast, but the docs aren't concerned. That little reddish black line coming out of her pink head wrap is a drain that is attached to a little grenade looking container that continually drains blood/fluid to relieve pressure.

If all goes as planned we will move up to the "normal" floor (from the ICU) tomorrow afternoon.
So all of our prayers were answered.
1. She was already asleep when they did her IVs.
2. She was so entertained by her crib and all of the attention she was getting that I did more crying than she did when they rolled her to the OR.
3. Brian took photos during the surgery, and couldn't believe how well the doctors worked together and what an amazing team they made.
4. Evie was losing quite a bit of blood at one point, but the docs took a break, infused a little extra, and it wasn't a problem.
5. I wasn't in the OR, but everyone seemed to be thrilled about Evie's surgery and the outcome. As you can see, she looks AMAZING! Even a little more like Lyla maybe! My beautiful girls!
6. As far as a quick recovery goes, the swelling is supposed to really set in the next couple of days. Gma Dellie and I picked out a beautiful colorful butterfly balloon for her to look at when she can get those pretty blue eyes open for a little longer.

So far Evie has just woken up about every 5 minutes with little moans and groans. I asked the nurse if she had a "headache" and got one of those "really!?" looks from everyone around me... duh! So PRAYERS for the pain to go away quickly, along with the swelling would be WONDERFUL.

I can't tell you how much I love each and every one of you, and how much your prayers mean to us. Love you!


  1. So happy I am tearing up!!!! Been watching the blog all day, praying. Yea!!!!!

  2. She is so beautiful Lindsey! I am in awe of God's work today! I will continue to pray for her healing!!

  3. Yay! I'm so excited to know that it went well. She is absolutely adorable! Sending lots of prayers your way.

  4. So glad it went so well :) Praying for a fast and easy recovery for Evie!!

  5. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!! So happy surgery was a success. Sounds like you have a wonderful team of doctors! Continuing to pray the swelling will be minimal and Evie opens those big beautiful blue eyes soon.

  6. She looks so beautiful. So peaceful. So relieved things went well. Been watching all day for the update. God bless little Evie and your family. Many continued prayers and thoughts for a quick recovery.


  7. Praising Goad along with you! What a little trooper she is...and how adorable she looks even with the bandages and drain. We know prayers from so many will be covering you in the days and weeks ahead. It is a privilege for each of us to lift you up to Jesus.
    Love, The Gilles

  8. What a sweet little face! So happy that all went well. Many continued prayers for you all!

  9. What a beautiful girl. Her strength throughout this all has been incredible. I'm reminded of God's faithfulness and love everytime I hear about Evie. Praise the Lord!!! My prayers will continue for Evie!

    Grant Peterson

  10. Praise God from whom all blessings flow...Evie is so beautiful and perfect even with her little head bandaged up. Think of all the people who have fallen to their knees to pray for this little girl, sister, and parents. How many people have been brought to God and/ or closer to God by this little miracle and her story. Prayers continue for Evie's speedy recovery, God's presence and guidance for the doctors and nurses who care for her, and the presence of the Holy Spirit felt in the lives of Evie's family.